A Cake Pops Kind of July

by tina

July sure flew by and I’m a bit sad that I lost my monthly posting streak that I had going on–it was a personal goal to post at least once every month. But oh wells. It was a busy month with lots of wedding related festivities. I enjoyed making cake pops 3 times in a month. yay :D

Here’s the evidence.

First off, I used this awesome cake pop baking pan

1st round. (first time ever making cake pops!) I followed this cupcake recipe for the batter. I knew the candy coating would contribute a lot to the sweetness of the cake pop, so I cut the sugar of the batter by about a third.

cake pops are hard to dip in the melted candy at first, but then you get the hang of it.  If you’re a cake pop newbie maker like me, I recommend melting the candy over a pot of simmering water rather than microwaving it.  You’ll get a much better consistency this way.  It takes a longer time, but you’ll be much happier, trust me!

Also, I learned that coating the bottom half first, then sticking the popsicle stick in, then letting the bottom half settle/harden first, and then coating the top half is a lot easier than trying to coat the whole thing all at once.

leftover cake batter went to making cupcakes :)

2nd round of cake pops. For a Tiffany’s themed bridal shower. (didn’t use the cake pop pan for 2nd or 3rd round. made it the original way of rolling the cake batter into balls)

3rd round. For a wedding shower.

We placed them in these cute bags

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