Fresh Catch: Catfish

by tina

Since the weather has gotten warmer and nicer, my friends and I decided to go fishing.  It was my first time and I was definitely excited.  The lake that we went to was stocked with crappies, sunfish, catfish, bass etc.  We started in the afternoon and there were no catches until sunset… not until the last 30 minutes we were there. We eventually caught 3 catfishes–one caught right after the other. It probably would’ve been a sad trip if we didn’t end up catching anything.

I caught one–my first catch, ever. :D

Afterwards, we randomly asked an Asian restaurant to clean the fishes for us.

Then I cooked my catfish… was quite scared of taking it out of the bag for some reason. Probably because it has fangs and whiskers and I was the one who killed it. :\

I cut the pieces in cross sections and peeled the fish skin off.

I stir-fried a few garlic cloves, ginger chunks, and green onion chunks. Added a little salt. Then, after placing the fish in, I added a soy sauce/sugar combination as the sauce and thickened it with corn starch.


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