Momofuku Style Chicken Wings

by tina

I’m extremely happy that I came across this recipe:  (Momofuku is a restaurant group in New York).  I’ve gotta say, the chicken wings were heavenly.

I pretty much followed the whole recipe with only the baking time being different.

The chopped ingredients for the Octo Vinaigrette (including the cilantro. and I even cut a full chili for garnish just like SteamyKitchen did. haha):

The Octo Vinaigrette mixture (I used regular soy mixed with water instead of the low sodium soy. turned out fine):

I baked it for 35-40 mins instead for extra crisp:

Mixing the awesomeness:

Even with the chicken wings being drenched in the octo vinaigrette, they still maintained a slight crisp.

*There will be some vinaigrette left over. I tried to make good use of it and poured it over baked cod and salmon. Chicken is still better, but it worked.


3 Comments to “Momofuku Style Chicken Wings”

  1. Will U marry me… Haha

  2. you got me hooked and inspired to make it… :D I ended up making it twice in one week!

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