Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin

by tina

My boyfriend decided to try to make this and I was a bystander for once (kind of) :P. Here’s the recipe we followed: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/09/herb-roasted-pork-tenderloin-with-preserves/.

For the preserves, we thought it meant preserved dried fruit (haha), so we bought dried figs. It’s actually a jam that you buy.. something like this. Oh wells!

This is how the dried mashed figs turned out. Still tasted good with the pork tenderloin.
We basically smashed/chopped/infused the fig with the vinegar water.

For the pork tenderloin part of it, we followed the recipe and it was fairly simple.

Up close. Pretty liberal with the salt and pepper and herbs indeed.

The tenderloin we bought seemed to be a much larger piece compared to the pieces in her picture. It took us 30 mins to bake instead.

It was so tasty and juicy!


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